Trade in your furniture to Maxihome

We welcome you if

1) You are thinking of changing your furniture while you still find value in them
2) Your furniture are still new and usable but you are thinking of changing them
3) You Felt that the furniture you bought doesnt suits you
4) You are upgrading to a new place
5) You just wanted to upgrade your lifestyle

What you need to do

1) Take a Photo of the furniture that you are currently in possession and send to our Whatsapp number 9632 9122

3) State down the reason why you want to trade in along with the photo and let us know what would you like to trade in for

4) Our Brand Ambassador will contact you for an appointment

5) You will be given an amount for that piece of furniture that you want to trade in

6) If your furniture is unusable or has outlived their usefulness the value will drop drastically.


Terms and Conditions

1) Maxi Home reserve all rights to this Trade in scheme
2) Maxi Home owns the trade in furniture . The trade in is consider complete with the issuance of Maxi Home's sales order with at least 50% payment on the new product .
3) Trade in cannot be exchange for cash or any other things except for Maxi Home products only
4) Promotional Items are not allow for trade ins
5) Maxi Home reserve the right not to accept any furniture for trade ins.